The 40 Coolest Characters in Literature has recently compiled their list of the 40 Coolest Characters in Literature. I’ve got to admit, I was very happy to see a few of my favorite characters made it onto the list. However, there were a couple as to which I couldn’t help but wonder why they were shortchanged (who WOULDN’T want to get a pint with Stephen Dedalus?!) Alas, to each his own.


That said–what do you think of the list? Any characters not make the cut that you think deserved to be on there? Got any gripes with any of the characters currently on there? What exactly makes a literary character “cool”? I, for one, think it’s pretty damn interesting and–dare I say it–cool to see some of the best works of literary fiction ever presented on a very entertaining level. I’m a sucker for seeing the juxtaposition of entertainment and high literature!

So, what’s your opinion? Discuss!



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One response to “ The 40 Coolest Characters in Literature

  1. Coolest characters on this list with whom to get a pint:
    1. John Falstaff. Anybody who’s as amusingly self-deprecating as JF (how can one be as wrinkled as an “apple-john”?) sounds like a party. I’m in. Plus, it’s established that he knows how to pick up chicks, and the guys in our party would probably love him for that (unless, of course, Falstaff sabotages himself, which is very possible).
    2. Sherlock Holmes. In addition to talking about how he’s managed to solve the world’s greatest mysteries, I’m sure his deductive reasoning would come in handy when talking about stocks, Casey Anthony, the NBA, the Super Bowl, and anything on TMZ. Plus, he’d be great at the people-watching game.
    3. Holly Golightly. She’s a hustler! Her magnetic personality leads me to believe that she’d be really great at matchmaking and getting her gal pals free drinks. Not to mention, she’s spontaneous and throws fantastic parties!

    The last people on this list with whom to have a pint:
    1. Mark Renton: All he’d do is talk about porn and why he’s so much cooler than everybody else because he doesn’t do heroin anymore and he owns a nightclub, blah blah blah. Eventually, he’d get wasted attempting to regale us with some judo moves and will end up having to rush to the Worst Toilet in Scotland to clean himself up. Again.
    2. James Bond in “Casino Royale”. He was too moody, he was too attached to his girlfriend, he spent too much time trying to figure her out and not enough time actually kicking butt like in the movies/other books. In short, he’s kind of lame. He goes on my list because he’s starkly different here than he is in other works. The brooding Bond was great for this book, but not for a night at a bar.
    3. Clay from “Less Than Zero”. No. No, NO, NOOOO. He’d be WAYYYYY too unhappy and miserable to drink with. He has the worst kinds of friends, and they all do way too much cocaine. He and his junky trashtastico friends are way too cynical and depressing to make drinking with them any fun. Plus, modern day incarnations might be Lakers fans, or worse, be “too cool” for basketball.

    Either way, thanks for sharing the link! Very cool idea, and refreshing to see some actually complex characters on a list that doesn’t compare which of them wore some floral overalls better or how many people they’ve each “smushed”.

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