Original Poem: Do you want anything? “Nothing but death”

She knows naught but how to dwell in pain
and suffer, sees naught but black wastelands
riddled with bodies
Hears naught but her own breath, width of it unimaginable
what her brain sees otherwise is uncomprehendable

Feels nothing but the crawling of her own skin
as she RIPS it off
Cold Air
Warm blood settles the score

This is how she survives amidst
the scornful watches
of the night

“Crave nothing but death
expect from life nothing less”

I don’t know if you’re real or even
alive at all.
Fantasy from lonely imagination
of young woman


By reality. Drag it across your wrists.

Cut out her artery, leads to her heart.
Stamp out the vein that allows the passage of flowing blood
Let it splash her face

It’s warm
She bathes,
She soothes,
She’s home
She’s no more

Written by your Skye, November 2011

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