Like what you see?

Then contribute to the blog! If you have an opinion on literature, a book review, rants and raves about literary criticism, or even any sort of interesting prose you want to share with the viewing public, send an e-mail to  and we’ll set you up as a featured contributor! Don’t want to sign up to WordPress to contribute? Send me your article in an e-mail and 100% of the credit will go to you when it’s posted on the blog!

You can be a featured contributor if you like (and a featured contributor page will be up and running soon!) or even just a one-time or sporadic poster – it’s all up to you. I just really want to infuse this blog with as many different opinions, ideas and insights as possible.

Again, you can either comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail at All thoughts and opinions are welcome, all the time. No one will be turned away.

So contribute! Get your word out there! Let your voice be heard!

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