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Hey, everyone – this is just a quick update. I  recently came across a fantastic website I think everyone should check out. It’s Books Should Be Free, which is a library of free books belonging to the public domain in the format of audio books. I’ve been unable to keep up with my usual amount of reading as of late since I have a full-time job, and I’m sure many people can sympathize. But with, I have a whole library of public domain books to choose from to listen to while I’m at work!

Readers have the convenient option of downloading the books in three different formats: Audio Book File in .m4b format,  mp3 files for each chapter of the book in one zip file, or a complete download in iTunes under podcasts. All of which are convenient, useful and have a fairly quick download time!

The website is categorized by genre, including humor, fiction, mystery, sci-fi and many more. My only qualm with the site is that I wish the books in each genre themselves would be categorized a bit better; they seem to be organized randomly as opposed to alphabetized by title or author or chronologically listed. It’s a small issue, however, compared to how useful and resourceful the site is.

I’ve been slacking with my updates as of late, but now that I  can enjoy literature while I work, I hope to be able to divulge back into literary criticism and post on here even more. 


So, if you’re strapped for time but still want to enjoy the wonder that is literature – be sure to check out Books Should Be Free. Who says technology has to be the ruination of literature?

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  1. I enjoy a good, well-read audio book myself. Some of the productions and actors employed are tremendous. And, of course, BBC Radio does some of the best dramatizations of literature you’ll find–right now I’m listening to the Beeb’s version of Lovecraft’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth” and it’s smashing…

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