Amy Winehouse- New literature genius?

Okay, I was shocked to see that at none other than Oxford university there is an entire syllabus dedicated to this one artists, delving into their lyrical ‘genius’ how they she is a culminating new change and a whole new ‘wave’ of literature. Stupidly, people believe these bizarre drunken concocted tales as if they were a new game in the playground, if you didn’t join in, you weren’t cool.
I am saying this now and I am making my infuriated being heard: She is neither a decent artist, or a lyrical one. More so, she doesn’t have the potential to even be known as a ‘novel evolution’
Many people say about how ‘poor Amy’ had a tortured mind and a beaten soul and this came apparent in her songs’, people may become sentimental over her death, there is no comparison to any great novelist of both centuries I’ve lived in.
Winehouse, was obviously leading a tragic, futile, live constantly filled with the inevitable foreshadowing of death which was worldwide instantaneously accepted, because sooner or later, to a hard drugs, chain-smoking, binge drinking ‘star’ would eventually somewhere and SOMEHOW derail. Amy Winehouse was a tourist in her own skin, pushing the boundaries wanting to break out.
No doubt she sings with her heart on her sleeve I’m sure if my dad said I needed to go to rehab I’d spend days locked up in isolation in my room, pondering over days slowly slipping away through my tortured fingers before coming out with the remarkable, masterful, carefully artistically constructed reply that was:’no no no’ how her poor inflicted, overpriced being managed to translate her obvious heartache into song is mesmerizing.
I wish I could be like her, glorify drugs, sex and just about everything that’s wrong with the economy as well as being the ‘iconic’ anti hero.
Oh the painful suffering she must have faced, sold out tours, fornication every night, millions of pounds, avid fans. Move other Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickenson, your drastic lives of loves lost, sexual awakenings and brutal beatings are no match for what makes true poetry, true lyrical genius. remember kids, if you can make a song out of drugs they’re good for, so if someone offers you some, you say yes because they could make you a genius. Also remember, it’s far better to spend all your millions of pounds fueling your habit to write more songs than trying to rehabilitate yourself.
Ahhh, I must thank you Miss Winehouse, you’ve shown me the true price of self sacrifice, what I must do to be recognized. Too the weed, I hear it beckoning my name.
You can be an artist without having to drive yourself to the point of self mutilation, defending Winehouse for a split second (just the one, I don’t have much time for her) it’s true that too possibly produce the best art you arguably have to of endured something awful to create something beautiful. They’re many great artists who’ve led common, underrated lives, without the use of drugs or influences have created master pieces full of substance, which Amy Winehouse did not have (no pun intended).
Literature cannot waste their breath furthermore on these pieces of rubbish, who gallantly throw themselves away for two minutes of fame and a lifetime of shame. I hope there is somehow who wants to stick up for Miss Winehouse, please do, I want to hear how she deserves a place for her ‘work’ I want to understand how she is a genius, how she’s ‘tortured’ and lastly why the f**k do Oxford study her!? Oh England, you do disappoint and you wonder why there were riots, I think I understand now.

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