Superficial Infected Work

I find there is nothing worse in novels than what I call ‘superficial emotion,’ where the authors add in extra monologues in a pathetic attempt to pour more poignant ‘heart wrenching’ emotion into their novel. In most cases I find it fails and becomes nothing more than deplorable. I’ve found many examples of books that do this and I always find myself trying not to mock the scripture. I also find myself closing my eyes so I’m only peering out of the cracks of them, as to avoid reading the abysmal text. Authors that create emotion for effect are nothing more than simple ignoramuses. It’s as if they can’t engage with their characters enough, their tale enough to write with enough ‘decent’ material and instead have to improvise with the first fragments of words that fall from their feeble mind.
My advice is that if you’re struggling that much to create new material or write at all, is to start a new project and hopefully something from there will inspire you to pick up your old project. Don’t let your work become riddled with jargon. It’s a sign that you’re letting both you and your work fail if you fill voids with unnecessary dialogue.

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