Pledge to read the printed word

I’ve not really been affected by the closure of Borders book stores across the country, I honestly can say I’ve only used their book stores not even twice as far as I can remember. It does however, sadden me to know that now the ‘printed word’ is not a solution for most people, with many buying E-readers and other supplements. My grandparents recently asked me if I wanted an E-reader for christmas I was frankly appalled by this. Didn’t they know me well enough? I’d just spent the evening reading instead of conversing in conversation with them. Then they ask me if I wanted them to invest in such a blatant ridicule to books and loyal companions to them. I will always pledge to read the printed word. Always

“We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.”

—B.F. Skinner

Upon seeing this above quote, my view did change, books should always be in universal existence and I don’t believe that books will ever become a thing of the past, a thing we used to know. There’s no ‘correct way’ to read. Many of you may disagree but we do now live in an age were technology is overpowering and if people still enjoy reading, if people can still feel the authors intent, they can still remember how it feels to feel the chill down the back of your spine when you read. then we should read in whatever format there is available. B.F Skinner was right, we shouldn’t force book down people’s throats, they’ll never appreciate the glorious printed word then. if E-readers, Ipads and any other gadgets still make books available and help the readers learn discipline of literature, the foundations of it and how it can affect your life in the most miniscule way, then I have no problem with E-readers or what not. They’re just not for me.
Forever the printed word.

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