Censoring, banning and challenging of books

It comes to my attention that there has been a outstanding number of books that have been censored banned or challenged within the last century.
Some of the reasons works get banned from districts, states, public schools, library’s and so on is because they’re described as ‘profound’ ‘racist’ some for their references to homosexuality and others for sexual slang and erotic nature.
My question is this: Do we as mere readers have the right to ban books based on our own formed opinions of them?
But what right do schools have in banning books? What right to libraries have? The use of a library is to educate and give access to books, do we have the right to scrap someone of their right to learn?
Exactly at what age do we consider someone old enough to delve in to the mystic worlds of suicide, racial slurs, pornographic images and what not?
At only nine years old (although against my parents wishes) I’d read the trilogy by a man named Dave Pelzer, who was dramatically abused at a young age by his mother. Even at nine I understood the extent of the horror this one man had been through and I afterwards told my mum that I’d simply read the books and then I acquired a thirst for knowledge on human kind. I asked her questions such as why we hurt one another, why didn’t his mummy love him? For a couple of months or so after reading the trilogy I became conscious of my bad actions and lived to please. My point is many would’ve considered me too young to read a fictional work about such horrific abuse, I didn’t think about the dark murky world of suicide and depression I thought of how to change my actions so nobody would have to suffer what he did. If a library turned around to me and refused me a book because they deemed me too young I would find it scurrilous, heinous and a damn right ridicule to both me and my education as well as the system of learning.
What happened to freedom of speech, or did the government take that away too? We can’t decide or put an age limit on literature, someones words, thoughts, feelings. We cannot decide whether a book is offensive to someone, whether a book is appropriate for a certain age bracket.
Other leaders outside of the government have banned books, including religious authorities.[3] Church leaders who prohibit members of their faith from reading the banned books may want to shelter them from perceived obscene, immoral, or profane ideas or situations.
So now, even in the 21st century we are segregated from books that others consider as ‘over ruling’ I certainly do not want to live in a world were we are ostracized from certain materials due to their contents, let the reader by the judge of the text and interpret it in their own right. It is wrong to take away someones freedom of speech, hinder their education and prolong their understanding of both literature and the world it was conceived in.
Many of the books banned have been praised as ‘inspirational’ for those struggling with their faith or life. The only reason I can envisage for why these books have been challenged is summed up nicely in the following paragraph:
People and political bodies excise literature and art that conflicts with their world view. As world view shifts, as it inevitably does, the list of censored and outlawed materials changes too. While truth may be a difficult entity to determine, when a government or other body seeks to limit and thus carefully construct the information their citizens receive, propaganda overtakes our vision of reality.
Books should not be banned, in my own personal opinions, the reasons for which I have given in my above passages’ I’ll leave it for you to configure your own opinion and I’ll be as kind to share a link containing earlier and current banned books and their reason for being so ‘outrageous’


Sources: Wikipedia

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