– 16 June 2011

I am proud to announce that, as of today, I.I.B. is officially up and running! And on what better day than o high holy holiday, Bloomsday! This site is far from complete, entirely thought out and by no means perfect, but there’s a vision and a prompt, and that’s good enough for now.

I promise to update with a more fleshed-out post on what the hell this blog is exactly meant for, and  of my ultimate goals for it. But as for now, this is just my version of a “Hello World!” post, and I hope to see this grow and become the wild, untamed monster I hope for it to be.

And in the meantime: check out Symphony Space’s livestream of Bloomsday on Broadway!


And also be sure to check out my photoblog,  Bloomsday edition!




All for now…keep on reading, and never stop  questioning!

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